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  Catherine Downing

             Attorney and Mediator

 Mediation Services & Alternatives to Litigation

  • Mediation - guiding people through resolving their own conflicts
  • Settlement Facilitation - persuasive dispute resolution
  • Collaborative Law  - teamwork and a promise of no litigation
  • Arbitration - hire a private judge for a confidential & final resolution
  • Creative Conflict Resolution - options that courts can't offer
  • Private Coaching -  guidance through your own case or dispute
The Peaceful Divorce
Divorce doesn't have to be horrible. Peaceful, respectful options are available. At Downing ADR, the parties may jointly engage Catherine Downing as their mediator.  She provides general legal and financial information and answers questions about New Mexico law. Then, solutions  are generated and options are explored. When an agreement is reached, she will prepare all of the legal documents ready for Court filing.

Keep in mind that the mediator cannot represent either party as his or her attorney and must stay neutral. So, before approving the final documents, each party is advised, but not required, to consult with an independent legal adviser to review the documents and to answer his or her individual questions.

A few days after signing the papers, they get a Final Decree of Divorce.
It was hard, but not horrible.

Downing ADR & Legal Services also offers a wide range of legal services,

  • Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney & Health Care Directives
  • Divorce Consultations and Document Preparation
  • Premarital Agreements
  • "Unbundled" Legal Representation
  • Settlement Strategy Consultations
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Hourly, À La Carte, Legal Services
  • General Legal Counseling and Advice


Mediate or work out problems without leaving your home or office!
Catherine can easily join the parties on a secure, video or telephone interface. You will get a brief overview of New Mexico divorce law. We will then work out the details for a Marital Settlement Agreement, and parenting documents if necessary.She then prepares all of the legal documents to be exchanged and finalized by email. The office will do all the legwork with the Court and you end up with a Final Decree of Divorce, often within a few days.

Catherine Downing J.D., brings 25 years of legal experience in New Mexico family law, business solutions, construction law, real estate, finance, accounting, contracts, personal injury and complex problem solving to helping people end conflict and move forward. 

Phone: 505-820-1515

Member: American Arbitration Association Neutrals Panel
               American Bar Association
               New Mexico Bar Association
               First District Court Neutrals Roster

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